Sunday, August 12, 2007

"Compensatory Counter-Racist Code" (an Introduction)

Welcome again to the Follow the Logic blog. As I have previously stated, the ultimate purpose of this blog is to present constructive information on the system of Racism (White Supremacy), what it is and how it works, to ALL individual Victims of Racism (non-white people), so that they may use such information in a matter that promotes justice & correctness, as individuals.

Today I will provide a brief introduction to "Compensatory Counter-Racist Code" as prescribed by the The United Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept. A Textbook/Workbook for thought, speech, and/or action for Victims of Racism (White Supremacy) written by Neely Fuller Jr.

The ultimate purpose of "Compensatory Counter-Racist Code" is to provide the tools that will aid any victim of racism in countering (working against) the effects of the system of Racism and eventually replace the system of Racism with a system that guarantees that no one is mistreated and guarantees that any person who needs the most help WILL receive the most help at all times, in all places, in all areas of people activity (i.e. Justice), which in turn will guarantee balance between EVERY person in existence on the planet.

In addition, "Compensatory Counter-Racist Code" should not only be used to just guarantee balance between people on the planet through the production of Justice, but produce a system which guarantees balance between all people and all things other than people (animals, plants, insects, etc.), also called Correctness.

The combination of Truth, or that which is (the basis of "counter-racist code"), with a system that guarantees balance between ALL people (Justice), & a system that guarantees balance between all people and all things other than people (Correctness) will guarantee the production of "Peace".

In order to practice "Compensatory Counter-Racist Code", you must reveal truth (that which is) with the intention of helping to replace Racism with Justice.

What is meant by "Compensatory"?
Simply the Compensatory aspect of "Compensatory Counter-Racist Code" is making up for what is missing or otherwise significantly lacking. Under a universe dominated by a system of injustice & incorrectness (Racism/White Supremacy), the logical thing that is missing in the universe is a system of justice & correctness. Counter-racist code is used to compensate or make up for the code (method of getting things done) that keeps the system of Racism in existence (i.e. Racist Code).

Things to keep in mind about "Compensatory Counter-Racist Code":
  • The ultimate objective of using counter-racist code is to reveal truth (that which is) in a manner that helps to produce a system of Justice (guaranteeing no one is mistreated & guaranteeing that any person(s) who needs the most help will receive the most help), a requirement for the establishment of"peace".
  • The current reason for the existence of "Compensatory Counter-Racist Code"is to make up for the code that currently exists called "Racist code", which is the code (method) used to maintain the system of Racism/White Supremacy by the Racists/White Supremacists themselves.
  • Counter-Racist code should be used also to establish a system of correctness (guaranteeing balance between people and all things other than people), ideally at the same time a system of Justice is produced, in order to finalize the existence of "Peace" across the known universe.
Although this introduction is just that, an introduction, I hope that VORs (Victims of Racism) will use the preceeding information to develop the will to produce "Peace" using "Compensatory Counter-Racist Code". More details about this "code", including specific examples of how to use the "code" in addition to how the code is used by VORs will come in future posts.

Happy Countering Racism!

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