Monday, October 22, 2007

Minimize the Conflict: Do not argue about religion!

Today's post will outline what to DO in any discussions regarding RELIGION that will help to minimize the conflict and maximize constructive interaction.

Many people get into arguments, fights, and verbal squabbles regarding Religion, according to the evidence, because of confusion. This confusion can stem from a lot of things, but mainly this confusion can be relieved to the extent that justice may be promoted by merely asking these three questions when beginning any exchanges of views regarding Religion.

1. What is the name of your Religion?
2. What does your religion required you to do?
3. What does your religion required you to do in your interactions with me?

What is the name of your Religion?
This question obviously serves the function of revealing what the name of a person's religion is. Surprisingly many people, particularly Non-White people, assume that they know what the name of another person's religion is because of how a person's dress, what language they speak, or what texts have they read, and so forth. However this is one of the main reasons why confusion takes place.

What does your religion required you to do?
This question is designed to help the person asking the question gain understanding on what the person does when they are practicing their religion. Again, many Non-White people tend to assume this information as well. However knowing this from a person directly can give you insight into what that person may value the most based on what their religion requires them do upon practicing it.

What does your religion required you to do in your interactions with me?
This question here is probably the most important because it will assist the person asking the question to determine how the person will behave (speak + act) around them directly when that person is practicing their religion. This question can also help the questioner determine, in a logical manner, whether the person who answers the question is practicing a religion designed to guarantee that no person is mistreated and guarantee that the person who needs help the most gets the most help, or whether their religion is designed to maintain the system of Racism (White Supremacy), a system of injustice.

Hopefully, these questions, which should be a requirement for all persons in discussions of religion, will assist those who need help the most, gain clarity and understanding, and minimize the conflict by doing so.

Keep in mind this information could be incorrect. Question everything.

Here is a video of me explaining this briefly.

Keep fighting Racism (White Supremacy) !