Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Ten Stops

Greetings Justice seekers,

Today I will attempt to provide constructive information on how to speak and/or act to replace the system of Racism (White Supremacy) with a system of Justice. Justice being guarateeing no person is mistreated and guaranteeing the person who needs the most help gets the most help.

The Ten Stops

In the Codebook, there is a section entitled "The Ten Stops". This section is designed to provide a formula for Non-White people to maximize constructive interactions with each other by minimizing the conflict they have amongst themselves.

These "Stops" are essentially tips for what Non-White people should NOT do in their interactions with each other. The purpose of these "Stops" is to, as previously stated, aid Non-White people in countering the Racists (White Supremacists) by increasing their level of constructive interactions, which is NOT what Racists want their subjects (Non-White people) to do, EVER.

Here are the stops as outlined in the codebook w/ brief explanations:

1. Stop Snitching (The willful and deliberate volunteering of information with the specific intent to "get ahead" of someone else by taking unjust advantage of someone else's lack of correct judgement; To deliberately volunteer information about someone with the specific intent of gaining praise and/or personal "favors" from Racists)

2. Stop Name Calling (To refer to someone by a name in which the person does not want to be referred to)

3. Stop Gossiping (To say things about someone in the presence of others, without that someone being present, that you would not be willing to say to that someone at the time that you are talking about that particular person)

4. Stop Cursing (To utilize speech towards someone else in a manner that is meant to be and/or taken to be "profane" and/or "vulgar" in meaning)

5. Stop Being Discourteous (To say and/or do something with little or no regard to what another person is saying and/or doing)

6. Stop Stealing (To take someone's "possessions" without that person's knowledge and consent)

7. Stop Robbing (The use of direct bodily harm and/or the threat of direct bodily harm for the purpose of taking someone's "possessions" without that person's knowledge and consent)

8. Stop Fighting (The use of direct bodily harm to achieve a non-constructive goal)

9. Stop Killing (The use of direct bodily harm to end someone's existence)

10. Stop squabbling amongst yourselves and asking the Racists/White Supremacists to solve it.

Note: The practicing of these "stops" will help Non-White people to increase their level of constructive interactions w/ each other by minimzing the conflict they have with each other. Also if practice correctly & efficiently, the non-white people will begin to unify against the system of Racism (White Supremacy) since by minimizing their conflict in unison, will be working directly against the interests of the Racists, who want nothing more than their subjects (ALL Non-White people) to stay in total conflict with one another. Keep in mind I could be incorrect about this.

Minimizing the conflict amongst Non-White people is not only confined to these ten stops. Here are some other additional "stops" that work towards the maximization of constructive interactions amongst Non-White people:

  • Stop Socializing (The use of speech and/or action that is not PLANNED and CONSTRUCTIVE)
  • Stop Showing-Off (Speech and/or action designed to make a person "feel good" while being subject to Racism/White Supremacy or while being able to practice Racism/White Supremacy)
  • Stop placing garbage and/or "material waste" where other Non-White people reside
  • Stop overcharging Non-White people on items/information that will help them become a better person.
Hopefully, these ideas will enable a Non-White person to speak and act in a manner that Justice + Correctness is promoted.

Minimize Conflict by Minimizing Contact

Practice the "Stops"

Happy Countering Racism!