Monday, August 13, 2007

The TWO weapons of the Racists

Greetings Justice seekers,
This post will briefly explain the overall strategies used by the Racists to keep the system of Racism in existence on this planet, RIGHT NOW!

All material/information written in this post is taken from or otherwise inspired by the United-Independent Code/System/Concept (a.k.a "The Codebook") by Neely Fuller Jr.

According to the codebook, the White Supremacists use two BASIC methods in practicing Racism

1. Deceit (Saying things that are false and/or influencing people to believe things that are false)
2. Direct Violence (Direct bodily harm), including the threat of direct violence

The system of Racism White Supremacy is always practiced with deceit, or with direct violence, or with a sophisticated combination of both.

Plain & simple, the smartest & most powerful people on this planet, collectively (White Supremacists), utilize an extremely simple, yet very destructive and disastorously effective formula for maintaining their supreme posistion over ALL of the people the Racists CLASSIFY as "non-white". Deceit & Direct Violence, ALWAYS.

The practice of deceit is mainly acheived through the use of words. This is the central reason why words in counter-racist code is extremely vital. A counter-racist must reveal truth using words in a manner that justice + correctness is promoted. The Racists often use words to reveal lies for the purpose of promoting falsehood, injustice, & incorrectness at the same time to establish what I define as "chaos" (the opposite of "Peace") in the known universe among people & things other than people.

So are you saying that the White Supremacists never make true statements?

Not quite, although the White Supremacists often use words in a way that truth is not revealed for the purpose of confusing their victims (non-white people), the Racists do from time to time use words to reveal truth. In other words the White people that practice Racism (White Supremacy) will make statements that the evidence shows is true, however, they will tailor those true statements solely for the purpose of maintaining the system of White Supremacy (i.e. not reveal truth for the purpose of promoting justice + correctness).

Here is an illustration of how the Racists use truth to cause confusion and maintain the system of Racism:

Racist (White Supremacist): "Black males are 60 percent more likely to become incarcerated before the age of 25 than White males in the U.S."

Non-White person: "Doesn't this fact indeed serve as an indictment on the existence of the system of Racism/White Supremacy?"

Racist (White Supremacist): "Well I don't quite see it that way. I think the responsibility ultimately boils down to the lack of responsibility and accountability in the black family structure. Now there may be some unfortunate circumnstances present in the social dynamics of minorties living in this part of the world that may have contributed to the staggering statistic I just mentioned, however, blah, blah, blah..."

As demonstrated in the above illustration, the Racist revealed a statement which is most likely true, however, when asked to use that "true" statement to promote justice + correctness by revealing how the system of White Supremacy (Racism) is the central cause for the statement, the Racist proceeded to practice Racism by attempting to confuse the non-white person. Throwing a bunch of words and statements to the point where hopefully, the non-white person will get too confused to continue the conversation in a constructive, counter-racist fashion.

To sum up this post, the BEST way of dealing with the two basic methods of the Racists/White Supremacy is to use words in a manner that not only reveals truth, but uses that truth revealed to promote justice + correctness at ALL times, in ALL places, in ALL areas of activity, including Economics, Education, Entertainment, Labor, Law, Politics, Religion, Sex, & War.

More on this in a future post

Happy Countering Racism!